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Smart Water Fountain

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Keep your fur babies hydrated all the time. Vofami Smart Water Fountain ensures that your four-legged love will have a continuous supply of filtered fresh water throughout the day and night. This smart fountain can hold up to 2L of water, yet it still has a portable design that takes up a little space. Perfect for small dogs and cats. 

What's in the Box

Water Fountain

• Water fountain

• Carbon filter

• Type C charging cable

• Manual copy

One Year Bundle

• Water fountain

• 13 Carbon filters

• Type C charging cable

• Manual copy

Dimensions and Details

Dimension: 21.2*21.2*16.1 cm

Product Model: IK003

Wattage: 2W

Voltage: 5V

Weight: 1.15 kg

Care Instructions

• Place it on a dry, stable, and horizontal hard surface.

• Do not place or store the appliance where it can fall.

• Recommended to place it in a corner or against a wall.

• Do not place any items above it.

• Place it in the range that can reach out to your Wi-Fi signal and set up the connection on the 2.4GHz network. (Note: The Smart Water Fountain WiFi Version is not available at the moment.)

• Clean the water fountain once every seven days.

• We do not recommend pets under three months old to use this water fountain.


We ship from Mondays to Fridays. Holidays and weekends are excluded.  Please expect 15 business days of delivery time. Shipping timelines are based on estimates and are not guaranteed. We appreciate your patience at this time. 

Sterilized Pet Freshwater

Smart Water Fountain features a built-in UV light that increases the effectiveness of the disinfection process.  As it operates, it continuously sterilizes the filtered water to eliminate bacteria or pathogens that are a great risk to your pet’s health. 

Filter Impurities for Better Pet Health

Smart Water Fountain boasts a multilayer filtration system that removes harmful contaminants, improves the taste of your pet’s water, and improves overall health. It utilizes three different purification system levels that deliver fresh water anytime, every time. 

High-density Filter Cotton - this is the first level of filter that strains pathogens for a deep and thorough filtration. 

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon - the second level of filter that captures microparticles such as dust, sand, rust, etc, and eliminates chlorine to keep your water pure and fresh.

Ion-exchange Resin - The last stage of the filtration process deeply eliminates the heavy metal ions such as calcium and magnesium, softening the tap water and improving its taste.

Fresh-Tasting Water Source

Smart Water Fountain adopts the natural flow of water, encouraging your fur child to drink more water, and keeping them hydrated and healthy. The continuous flow of water delivers oxygen-enriched and fresh-tasting water all day.

This water fountain features two modes— the normal mode for a continuous water flow or the energy-efficient mode for a 5-minute interval. 

Pet-Safe and Low-Maintenance

Made of high-quality ABS and BPA-free material, Smart Water Fountain is proven to be non-toxic and pet-friendly. It can hold up to 2L of water, which means it can meet your pet’s drinking needs without refilling the tank every hour. It operates quietly like a falling leaf to keep your pets comfortable while enjoying their freshwater.