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Vofami Shampoo
Vofami Shampoo
Vofami Shampoo

Vofami Shampoo

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Vofami Shampoo Set includes three pieces of shampoo, containing Perilla and Ginseng extracts to help soothe and nourish your pet’s skin and fur. Its non-toxic and antibacterial properties are specifically created for your pet’s sensitive skin, making it 100% safe to use for bathing.

A Cleaner & Safer Way to Bathe Your Pets

Vofami uses gentle formulation to build a non-toxic and vegan nourishing shampoo. Our formula contains perilla and ginseng extracts to help soothe and nourish your pet’s skin and fur. Our line of shampoo comes with three scents to choose from: Infinity, Singularity, and Unknown.


Our formula contains natural ingredients of perilla and ginseng extracts to build nourishing organic shampoo that effectively cleans and maintains healthy skin and fur. 


Its antibacterial properties provide adequate protection for your pet’s sensitive skin. Vofami formulated it to be 100% safe to use for pet grooming.


Our formula aids in eliminating the naturally occurring bacteria on your pet’s skin and helps get rid of unpleasant body odors, making them feel fresh for days.

Mite Removal

Our line of shampoo efficiently bathes, cleans and grooms your pets keeping mites at bay. 


Vofami uses superior organic cleansing agent to easily clean greasy ears, oil-coated breeds, and extra dirty pets, leaving their coats shiny and fresh.

Deep Clean

Vofami is specifically designed to provide a deep cleaning rather than just a surface treatment, which moisturizes and cleans every inch of your pet’s fur.

Vofami Shampoo


Give your furry friend a spa-inspired bathing session with this gentle conditioning shampoo. It’s crafted with fruit extracts to soothe and relax their skin.


If your four-legged friend hates bath time, consider the Unknown to lure them into enjoying bathing time. Your pet is in for a surprise with this scent! 


This scented shampoo is designed to calm and moisturize your pet’s skin from within. It contains a blend of organic ingredients that thoroughly removes odor and sebum.