The Ultimate Guide to Pet-Friendly Events this Spring

The Ultimate Guide to Pet-Friendly Events this Spring

Like us humans, our pets get spring fever, too. They’ve been stuck indoors all winter without much to do – stuffed from holiday food, staying cozy on the couch, and dreading to go outside. But now, it’s everyone’s time to enjoy the warm weather to frolic and play. Whether your idea of a spring fling is wining and dining with your furry friend, heading to a ball game, or doing downward together in a yoga class, we’ve got you covered! Here are 4 spring activities that you can do with your pets during your free time:


1. Shop 'til you drop

Fur parents like doing anything and everything with their pets, including a little retail therapy. Plenty of shops allows pets inside their stores. Pro tip: Check ahead of time. While these stores promote their pet-friendliness online, it’s important to make sure your local store permits dogs or cats on their premises.

2. Go on vacation

Whether you travel by train, plane, or automobile, pets can see the world with you. They can also go on cruises so, bon voyage! While you’re globe-trotting, make sure you stay at a pet-friendly hotel. With canine and feline menus available, branded beds and water bowls, and baskets filled with treats and toys, your fur baby will never want to go home.

3. Exercise at all times

Don’t you hate it when you go to the gym or have a run in the park without your loved fur baby? Exercising with your pet is a great way to keep you both in shape this spring. You can also surf with them, hike, play Frisbee, run, walk, take them to the park, or create a backyard agility course. Whatever works best for you and your pet, just do it! They’ve been cooped up all winter so make sure she gets out for some exercise, some sun, and some fun this spring.

4. Go on a playdate

Honestly, what’s better than playing your favorite game with your pets? There are a lot of pet-friendly places now that offer an amazing playtime experience with your fur babies and get the chance to bond with them even more and recognize what they are really into. Now, what’s cooler than that?

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