How Do I Find A Great Pet Sitter For Your Fur Baby?

How Do I Find A Great Pet Sitter For Your Fur Baby?

Learn how to find a trustworthy pet sitter who can care for your pet.

Life can get pretty busy sometimes. From running errands to an out-of-town trip, there might be times that you cannot take your fur baby with you. (We feel you!) But look no further. A trustworthy and caring pet sitter is the perfect solution. Finding an excellent pet sitter can be notoriously challenging, but you have to be thorough with it since we are talking about your pet’s safety and well-being while you are gone.  

In this article, we’ve listed things that you should consider before making your decision:

First things first: We recommend finding a pet sitter in your area, as this will make them come to your home quickly in case of an emergency. Plus, it will help you save money. Some pet sitters charge per distance they have to drive to your house. You can find such advertisements in dog parks, shops, or gyms. But you could also find a notice board at your veterinary clinic too. 

One of the great ways to find a trustworthy pet sitter is to ask other people. From fellow pet owners to pet walkers, don’t be afraid to ask around. Ask for references from your pet sitter, or look at their website and social media pages for reviews. This will already set your expectations for them. 

If your pet has medical needs, you can look for pet sitters who are veterinarians or know about pet first aid. Of course, you would want the person who watches your fur baby to have experience providing the care your pet needs, such as administering injections or giving medication. 

It is important to ensure that your pet sitter is a good communicator, especially when you are miles away from your pet. Some pet sitters love providing photos and video updates of your pet while you are away. If that’s important to you, you can ask pet sitters if they regularly do this. Good communication gives you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your vacation more. 

This is just a friendly reminder that you’ll be giving your pet sitter spare keys and relying on them to keep your pet happy and home while you are gone. You are trusting them to follow instructions. That’s why reliability is a must. All the above points are essential to have the chance to decide whether you trust your chosen sitter. But, as with anything, always follow your instinct if something doesn’t feel right.



Photo by: Matthew Henry
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