5 Tips On Choosing The Right Toys For Your Cat

5 Tips On Choosing The Right Toys For Your Cat

Learn more about picking the PURRfect toy that will help keep your cat happy and healthy. 

As a loving cat owner, you probably know how much your cat loves toys. Toys play a big part in stimulating your feline, helping maintain their behavior and well-being, and keeping them active. But to do that, you must ensure that your cat is playing with the right toys. 

In this article, we’ve listed tips and tricks on finding the perfect toys for your cat. 

1. Size Of The Cat Toy
We all know that cats are predators by nature. When shopping for cat toys, make sure you don’t purchase a toy bigger than your fur baby. If the toy is too large for your cat, they may perceive it as an opponent and end up fighting it rather than playing with it. 

2. Safety And Durability
Be responsible enough when you shop for your pet’s toy. Do a good inspection to ensure there are no glued-on parts that could be a choking hazard for them (e.g, strings, or sharp pieces). Make sure that the toy is durable enough to handle a lot of playing sessions. 

3. Figure Out Your Cat’s Preference
This tip needs a lot of observing time and toys. To determine which toy your cat prefers, you can buy several toys and roll them in front of your cat to choose which toy they find the most interesting. You can introduce them to different types of toys one at a time. Use different sizes, shapes, and textures. Just watch, which keeps them entertained and stimulated.

4. Texture Of The Cat Toy
Texture plays a big factor in keeping your cat stimulated. If you have been a cat owner for a long time now, you know how picky your cat can be regarding the texture of their cat litter, food, or bed. Therefore, texture could also matter to them regarding their toys. Toys come in different textures and styles. You can choose a feather-covered toy, a leather toy, a fuzzy toy, or even a fabric-covered toy. Make sure to monitor which toy makes your cat the happiest. 

5. Sound
Did you know that cats can hear sounds up to 64,000 Hz? Yes, they can hear about three times higher than humans. That’s why always keep in mind that sounds are important when it comes to choosing toys for your cat. Make sure that the sound is not loud enough to scare your feline away.

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