5 Best Outdoor Games to Play With Your Dog

5 Best Outdoor Games to Play With Your Dog

Celebrate the bright sunny days outdoors with your pooch. 

Summer is finally here, and playing with your fur baby outside is a smart idea. Not only do the games keep them entertained, but it also gives them the mental and physical stimulation that they need.
With this list of games, you can be more creative in coming up with game ideas, and your pup will definitely love you for it!  

Oh, the classic fetch, but it’s with disc or frisbee this time. Running to retrieve the frisbee is a great exercise for your fur baby. It improves your dog’s agility and concentration. All you need to have for this game is the frisbee. You can introduce the game to your dog by throwing the frisbee lightly, and once your dog starts catching and retrieving, you can make it more advanced by increasing the distance of each throw.

This game may look simple, but it can be beneficial for your dog’s health. It’s a brilliant game to keep your dog active, help them control their temper, and teach them basic impulse control. Remember to establish a ground rule before you begin the game— no mouthing allowed. You can immediately stop the game when your dog’s teeth touch your skin. Your dog then will learn not to do that if they don’t want the fun game to stop. After learning the ground rule, you can now teach them the commands “stay,” “get it,” and “let go.” You can begin by putting the rope on the ground and telling your dog to “stay” if they comply, reward them. After that, you can tell them to “get it,” which means they can now grab the toy and initiate the game. During the game, ask your dog to “let go” and reward him if they release the toy. If you think your dog already knows the commands, you can combine them to make the game extra fun.


A treasure hunt is a fun game to hone your dog’s scent-tracking abilities. You can start the game by grabbing his favorite smelly treats and hiding them around the backyard. Make sure your pooch is in another room so he doesn’t see where you hide the treats. Once you hide the treats, you can bring your dog to the backyard and let them sniff away the treats. Oh, you can help them along the way if you see him struggling. Don’t forget to shower him with praise whenever he finds a treat. 

If you’ve played this backyard game, you’ll know how fun it is! This game will be a fun way to work on your dog’s impulse control and concentration. You can start the game by teaching him to “stop” and to “go” instead of saying “green light” and “red light.” Don’t forget to toss a treat to your dog every time they comply. 

The game that never goes out of style, indeed. It is one of the best (and most effective) games to stimulate their sniffing abilities. To play this game, grab a handful of your dog’s favorite treats. Then, command your dog to stay before hiding in a spot. Once you’ve found your best hiding spot, invite your pup to find you and when they do, shower them with praise and reward for a job well done. 

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