4 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Cat’s Whiskers

4 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Cat’s Whiskers

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of your cat’s cute whiskers is? Well, you will be surprised at how they serve many important purposes! Keep reading to learn more about your feline’s whiskers. 

1. Your Cat’s Whiskers Are Extremely Sensitive.
It might be just a strand of hair, but your feline’s whiskers are enmeshed deeply in their nervous system. The tips of each strand are equipped with sensory organs called proprioceptors that deliver messages to the brain and help the cat easily identify an object’s distance, direction, and even surface texture.
It is important not to cut or pull your cat’s cute whiskers. Since it is connected to many blood vessels, cutting them would cause discomfort and pain to your cat.

2. Your Cat’s Whiskers Act Like Antennas To Observe The World Around Them. 
Did you know that cats usually use their whiskers to navigate the world around them? Yup, you read it right! Their whiskers are so capable, they can sense any changes in their environment, such as wind direction. 
That’s why cats can walk safely even in the dark because they utilize their whiskers to sense pressure changes in the air, balance, and even determine if they can fit into tight spaces.  

3. You Can Determine Your Cat’s Mood Through Their Whiskers
Whiskers don’t just look cool on their cat; they can also tell if they feel cool or scared. If you are an observer, you can notice that whiskers are one of the good indicators of a cat’s current mood. If your cat is calm, its whiskers will stick out sideways. If the whiskers are flattened back, it indicates that they are angry or scared, and if they are pushed forward, it means they are alert and excited.

4. Your Cat Can Experience Whisker Stress
You may already know that your cat’s whiskers are sensitive to sound, air pressure, and vibrations. Cat’s whiskers are extremely sensitive, to the point where they can experience “whisker stress,”— also known as whisker fatigue, which is caused when a cat’s whiskers are pushed against the sides of her food bowl while eating.
That’s why, if you have noticed your cat pulling the food out of their pet bowl, they are probably experiencing whisker stress. 

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