5 Pet Trends that aren’t Worth the Hype

5 Pet Trends that aren’t Worth the Hype

Learn more about the pet trends that you should just skip. 


There are always new, different, and cute pet trends every year. But we’re here to spout a bit of cold water on the hype cycle of these pet trends. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of pet trends that are just *not worth* keeping our eye on this article. 

  • Using Fake Grass As A Poop Tray

  • Most pet owners can agree that walking your dog outside can be exhausting, especially when it’s raining. Of course, who would want to pick up a poop getting wet on the road? That’s why it became a trend to just use fake grass as a poop tray for their pet. But walking your fur babies allows you to spend quality time together. Plus, it can be an exercise for both of you! 

  • Going On To Whatever Park Is The Closest

  • It is always important to check on the park and ensure that it will meet your pet’s needs. You have to make sure that you are going to a well-maintained park since it provides safer environments for your fur children. Parks that are known to be pet-friendly hire a pet waste collection business. They help prevent pets from being exposed to diseases that other pets may be carrying that might be harmful to your babies. 

  • Pet Fitness Tracker

  • Apparently, there is no pet-friendly health tracker. Yes, it is possible to monitor how many steps your pet made today or even how many hours they slept. But it is also important to consider the danger of EMF radiation that can be found on most trackers. 

  • Pet Devices For Smart Home

  • Pet devices are one of the most common pet trends that most pet owners are following. Of course, we all want to keep an eye on our fur babies from a safe distance. Some of them have cameras, and some automatically distribute foods and treats. Yes, it sounds crazy but it gives us peace of mind that our pets are safe even if we are not physically present for them. 

  • Being Hard On Yourself As A Pet Owner
  • The number of pet owners who are stressed about being the perfect pet owners has increased this past year. Being a pet owner is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things you can do. You love your fur babies unconditionally and you’re ready to give them everything that will make them feel cared for. And hey, even if your fur children cannot speak, they think you are perfect and they totally love you. 

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